New Member Information

Added: Monday 11th May 2015 8:57pm


1.  Fees

a.  Membership Fees - £20.00

b.  Match Fees

                             i.  Home Games – Midweek - £2.00

                            ii.  Home Games – Saturday  - £6.00 (including Buffet & Raffle)

                           iii.  Away Games - £2.00

2.  Clarification of Start Times (Unless otherwise stated)

a.  Monday  -  2.00 p.m.

b.  Other Midweek Games  -  5.45 p.m.

c.  Saturdays  -  2.30 p.m.

d.  NOTE – Players should arrive at least 15 minutes before the Game starts

3.  Team Selection

a.  Closing dates for names on sheets – Monday prior to the start of next week

b.  Cars – To be arranged if required

4.  Dress

a.  Midweek  -  Grey Trousers ( No shorts ) & Club Polo Top

b.  Saturday  - White Trousers ( No shorts ) & Club Polo Top

c.   Club Competitions - Grey Trousers ( No shorts) and Polo Top

d.  Practice Games  - Casual Wear with a collar . Only Tailored Shorts are allowed (No beach wear shorts)

5.  Smoking 

a.   No smoking of any type ON the Green

b.   OFF the Green -  Please ensure any cigarette ends are disposed of in the metal bins available 

6.  Lockers & Keys

a.  Are available from the Secretary 

7.  General Practice

a.  Midweek – Normally after 11 a.m. (if no other games being played)

b.  Saturday and Sunday – No specific times

c.  If coaching is required please contact any club member of one of the coaches who are: Eric Lewis & Tony Williams

d.  The Green is also used by the Ladies & Vets. Sections and they have priority when playing their matches.

8.  Bowls

a.  We have a selection of different types of bowls to try before you buy a set, but they are not intended for permanent use throughout the season.

b.  Guidance on the type of bowls to purchase can be given by the coaches or any member.

Note – All members are responsible for locking up the premises

                                before leaving after playing a game of any kind.